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Catch Up & Read's results are impressive, especially when recognizing that our after-school tutoring targets the very lowest performing students on campus, giving them additional time and repetition that low performing students require. Compared to campus peers, Catch Up & Read students are:

  • Eight times more likely to advance from Tier 3 where students required intense intervention, to Tier 1 where students are proficient readers and able to learn from class-wide instruction.
  • Two and a half times more likely to advance to the next tier level.

Measurable Results

For the 2018-19 school year, CAR served 12 Dallas elementary schools and provided each of 82 campus teachers with over 100 hours of professional development.  CAR delivered over 70 hours of teacher directed tutoring to 507 students during the school year.

In 2018-19, 92% of CAR students made academic gains. Of those students:

  • 92% reached basic or advanced grade level reading
  • 91% reached grade level reading
  • 66% advanced 1 or more reading grade levels
  • 66% advanced 1 Tier or more
  • 50% ended the year in Tier 1 Proficiency
  • Average Reading Level Grade improvement was 1.2 years

A result of CAR training, teachers develop a cohort of campus literacy leaders, including Carol Shelton, who credits CAR for being named DISD's 2016-17 Teacher of the Year. Improved teacher effectiveness, better morale and increased tenure is evidenced.

Lasting Improvements

  • Students display increased desire to engage in reading, improvements in behavior and higher self-esteem at home and in school.
  • Parents and students reflect pride in student accomplishments.
  • Teachers participating in our program show consistent targeted intervention practices, improved morale and enhanced collaborative teaching skills.
  • Schools show increased fidelity to research based reading practices, moving the bar for 100% of students to experience higher reading proficiencies.
  • CAR results outperform national trends for intervention with low performing students.