Impact & Outcomes

Measuring results is what sets Catch Up & Read apart from other reading intervention programs

Catch Up & Read’s focus on equipping teachers to deliver scientifically based best reading practices in order to maximize results, is what sets CAR apart from other reading programs.

Catch Up & Read's results are impressive, especially when recognizing that our after school tutoring targets the very lowest performing students on campus, giving them additional time and repetition that low performing students require. Compared to campus peers, Catch Up & Read students are:

  • Eight times more likely to advance from Tier 3 where students required intense intervention to Tier 1 where students are proficient readers and able to learn from class-wide instruction.
  • Two and a half times more likely to advance to the next tier level.

Measurable Results

2013-2014 results reflect our outstanding impact: 94% showed improvement. Of those ...

  • 87% reached their grade level in reading.
  • 77% advanced one or more reading grade levels.
  • 61% made double digit percentile gains.
  • 50% ended the year in Tier 1 proficiency.
  • 60% advanced tiers.
  • 21% advanced from Tier 3 to Tier 1. - Tier 3 denotes the lowest performing student requiring intensive intervention and Tier 1 indicates a student reading at proficient grade level and not requiring further intervention.

Since 2009:

  • 80% of Catch Up & Read students showed improvement.
  • 60% reached grade level reading.
  • 50% advanced 1 or more grade levels.
  • 40% advanced 1 or more tier levels.
  • 10% advanced from Tier 3 to Tier 1.

Compared to DISD student peers, Catch Up & Read students are:

  • 2 X more likely to advance from Tier 3 to Tier 1.
  • 30% more likely to advance to the next tier level.

Lasting Improvements

  • Students display increased desire to engage in reading.
  • Students show improved behaviors and increased self esteem both at home and in school.
  • Catch Up & Read results out-perform national trends for intervention with low-performing students.
  • Parents and students reflect pride in student accomplishments.
  • Teachers participating in our program show consistent targeted intervention practices, improved morale and enhanced collaborative teaching skills.
  • Schools show increased fidelity to research based reading practices, moving the bar for 100% of students to experience higher reading proficiencies.
  • Improved reading translates to better academic performance across other subjects.

What Educators Say

Martha Bujanda, Principal Gooch Elementary: “Our data suggests that the scholars that attend the Catch Up & Read program are making significant gains moving from Tier 3 to Tier 1 if they consistently attend the tutoring sessions. Parents are thrilled with the program and the kids love to be a part of it. I believe the program has huge potential and is replicable and scalable. According to our data, when executed with fidelity, the program yields significant gains.”
Carol Shelton, 3rd Teacher, Junkins Elementary: “I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of the CAR program this year! [Students] get individualized instruction, gain confidence, and receive immediate feedback of their progress. Their growth is seen in their grades, their behavior, and most of all their confidence as learners.”
Wendy Hawthorne, Executive Director DISD District 5 reports, “During the 2012-13 school year, student assessment data indicated that the students served by Catch up & Read were categorized as 89% tier 3, 11% tier 2 and 0% tier 1. (Nationally normed RTI levels with Tier 3 being lowest.) By the end of the year, the data improved to 64% tier 3, 20% tier 2 and 16% tier 1. Over 91% of the students showed improvement and 49% reached grade-level performance. The positive results of the program support the need to expand these services to other campuses with similar academic deficits. I wholeheartedly support this program, and would recommend it to other campus leaders seeking effective intervention support.”
Anita Hardwick, Executive Director DISD District 2: “At Junkins 2012-2013 STAAR reading assessment results for 3rdgrade showed a 22.1% gain overall (from 67% at Level 1 or 2 to 89.1% this year). 23.8% of those passing, did so at an advanced level. Catch Up & Read was a key factor in this significant improvement.”
Jerry Junkins Elementary, Principal Robby Wilson embraces Catch Up & Read’s success: “Catch Up & Read provides the extra hours that low-performing students absolutely must have. Busy parents aren’t equipped to provide the consistent support that is needed. Based on Catch Up & Read’s effectiveness, Junkins is using the Catch Up & Read model for all of our after school tutoring.”

What Kids Say

I like Catch Up & Read because we have fun and learn a lot, so we can pass the test and to go to high school!
Catch Up & Read helps me learn more and not get in trouble! I like feeling smart! Mom shared that “Catch Up & Read” boosted his self esteem.
With Catch Up & Read, I can read better and talk more.
I like my teacher. She’s really fun and I learn a lot. I LIKE reading now!

What Parents Say

I tell my friends we are lucky to be at this school. My child used to cry and not want to read. Now he is reading and having fun. We can’t believe the change in such a short time. We are getting the best services possible!
I was really worried because my son’s reading was so bad. I felt really guilty. But with Catch Up & Read he is doing great now. There is a big difference. He is happier and I am happier, too!
Thank you so much for having Catch Up & Read.  My (2nd grade) daughter finally knows that when you put 2 letters together it can make a sound.  She loves coming and I love hearing her read!